The Ford Mustang's Performance Handling Features

When you are looking for a sports car with iconic design and ample performance features you may want to take the Ford Mustang for a drive. It is an extremely quick and nimble American performance car. The Mustang has an advanced suspension setup that helps it to handle well on any surface. The Mustang is great for cruising around Eatontown, NJ during the week or carving up the canyons on the weekend.

One of the first handling features that you will notice when driving the Mustang is the electric power-assisted steering. This steering setup allows you to adjust how heavy or light you want your steering to be. Another adjustable system in the Mustang is the MagneRide dampers. These dampers allow you to select what kind of ride you want your mustang to have and they will rapidly adjust to road conditions to provide a consistent suspension feel.

If you want to try out these handling features for yourself, you should take a Ford Mustang for a test drive at DCH Ford of Eatontown. Here we can help you to find the perfect specification of Mustang for your lifestyle.

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