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Ensure a Smooth Driving Experience with Routine Oil Changes

Everyone knows that oil changes are among the most basic and most crucial services that your vehicle needs. However, not as many people know just how essential they are and why. At DCH Ford of Eatontown, we offer expert oil changes that meet factory standards to ensure that your vehicle gets the best care. Learn more about the importance of oil changes and how our service team is here to help.

When Should I Change My Oil?

Check your owner's manual to find the right interval to change your oil. As a rule of thumb, most vehicles need an oil change around 3,000 miles or every six months. However, that interval may be different depending on everything from your oil type to your driving habits. The best way to ensure that you are up to date with your oil changes is by consulting one of our service experts and your manual.

What Kind of Oil Does My Ford Take?

Recheck your owner's manual to determine what kind of oil your Ford takes. While there is conventional motor oil, different Ford models require different types of oil. Even different types of driving require different oil types. Work with our service team and consult your manual to find the right match. Some of the oil types available include:

    • Full Synthetic Motor Oil
    • Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
    • High-Mileage Motor Oil

Whether your vehicle is brand-new or has a diesel engine, we can help you find the oil type that ensures a smooth driving experience.

Does Motor Oil Ever Wear Out or Just Get Dirty?

Yes, motor oil  does eventually wear out. By changing your oil on a consistent schedule, you can remove combustion byproducts and replenish additives.

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