Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Car?

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You’ve no doubt heard that now is the worst time to buy a car, ever. And, while we’re not about to sit here and say that it’s the easiest time to buy a car, we do believe very firmly that articles like the one we’ve just linked to are hyperbolic at best. We believe that spreading fear and anxiety doesn’t help anyone, least of all you if you’re in need of new, reliable transportation. Let’s face facts together: there are undoubtedly industry-wide inventory shortages at the time this is being written, in 2022. But that doesn’t mean that it’s a “bad” time to buy a car — especially if you really need one for your daily Wall Township or Tinton Falls commute. Moreover, now is an absolutely fantastic time to trade-in your vehicle. Want to learn more? Read on!


Is Now a Good Time to Buy a New Car?

New cars are more expensive now than they’ve ever been. But you don’t have to buy a car at all; you could instead choose to lease one! You can also buy used. And, if you do decide to buy — new or used — there are ways around paying top dollar — like our new vehicle specials and used vehicle specials, respectively. 

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Used Car?

Used cars are more expensive on average now than they have been in prior years. But the very good news is that often, this point is moot. That’s because if you’re trading in a vehicle, its value will also be significantly higher. 

Is Now a Good Time to Trade In a Car?

As we’ve alluded to above, now is a fantastic time to trade in your car.

For instance, say you make use of our payment calculator to see if buying a $50,000 new Ford SUV is a good idea. Let’s say for argument’s sake that this vehicle would normally sell for $47,000. If you’re trading in a vehicle that would normally fetch $20,000, but now you can get $23,000 for it, it all winds up being a wash! 

Why Buy from DCH Ford of Eatontown?

Want to learn more about how — or why — to buy a new car the easy affordable way at DCH Ford of Eatontown? Call 732-649-1637 or check out our “why buy from us” guide.


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