From the Classic Ford Bronco to Today

2021 Ford Bronco Sport driving

You remember the early Ford Bronco: a utilitarian, adventuresome off-road-oriented SUV that could hit the Wall Township and Tinton Falls streets top-up or top-down for oodles of fun. Well, a new Bronco is on the scene and you don’t want to miss it! Styled to emulate the early first-gen Bronco, this newest Bronco has what you desire from your next ride. From the classic Ford Bronco to today’s model, this Ford is a vehicle that leaves no stone unturned! Let’s get into details below; if you have any questions while you read, please contact us anytime!

The Classic Ford Bronco (First Generation: 1965–1977)

The classic Ford Bronco is the O.G. Bronco. Produced from 1965-1977, this is the iconic model you’re probably familiar with. It’s the model that’s been featured in films such as “Charlie’s Angels” and shows like “Revenge”. Here’s more information:

  • The original classic Ford Bronco was developed as a passenger-friendly off-road vehicle with a completely unique chassis.
  • The original Ford Bronco engine was a 105-hp inline six-cylinder.
  • Today, with its 92-inch wheelbase, the classic Bronco would fall into the compact SUV class.
  • Four-wheel drive as standard on all original models.

The Second Generation Ford Bronco (1978-1980)

In 1978, the classic Ford Bronco was upsized to a full-size SUV. Although this model retained many styling notes from the first generation, there were more than a few easy-to-spot changes, such as:

  • A wheelbase extension of 12 inches, bucking the trend toward downsizing which dominated the American automotive industry at the time.
  • Retiring of the original Bronco chassis, and its replacement with a chassis adapted directly from the Ford F-Series.
  • Eschewing the multiple body configurations offered on the first generation, the second-generation Bronco was offered only as a three-door wagon.

The Third Generation Ford Bronco (1980-1986)

The third-generation Ford Bronco was future-focused from the onset. Both smaller and lighter than the second generation model, the Bronco produced from the early to mid-1980s still retained its full-size classification and continued to be derived from a chassis adapted from the Ford F-Series, lending ample capabilities to this generation of Ford SUV.

The Ford Bronco II (1983-1990)

Three years into the third-generation Bronco rollout, Ford released the Ford Bronco II. This model was the start of a new and unique line, but because it was a compact SUV, it was actually more similar to the original classic Ford Bronco of the sixties in some ways than even the third generation model described above. It was developed in union with the 1983 Ford Ranger. Eventually, the Bronco II would be phased out by the Ford Explorer.

The Fourth Generation Ford Bronco (1987-1991)

The fourth-generation Ford Bronco was built on the same chassis as the third-generation model but it offered a plethora of modern updates. Fans of the classic Ford Bronco find this generation notable because it included the Silver Anniversary Edition—the very first early Ford Bronco offered with leather seating.

The Fifth Generation Ford Bronco (1992-1996)

The fifth-generation Ford Bronco was the one you might remember in the infamous O.J. Simpson chase. His model was a 1993 Bronco in Oxford White! That said, the fifth-generation Bronco was differentiated very little from the fourth-generation model before it; there were some interior updates, as well as changes to safety features. One notable change was that this generation also saw the discontinuation of the classic removable hard-top. 

The Sixth Generation Ford Bronco (2021 – )

The sixth-generation Ford Bronco is the first Ford Bronco to have been released in well over two decades! In fact, 25 years passed between the fifth and sixth generation Bronco models, but that time doesn’t detract from the throwback nature of the newest Bronco model, which is a nod to the earliest first-generation Ford Bronco model in many ways, styling included. That said, in other ways, this Bronco is a complete departure from classic Ford Bronco models; for instance, it boasts a thoroughly modern 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost® inline-four engine. Like the classic Ford Bronco and unlike the fifth-gen model, though it features a detachable roof. 

Experience the Ford Bronco at DCH Ford of Eatontown

If you love the classic Ford Bronco, we’re sure you’ll love the sixth-generation Ford Bronco, too! Ready to see for yourself if that is indeed the case? Check out our new Ford Bronco inventory online now!


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